Naked women and art


Ernst Ludwig Kirchner








Emil Nolde


Max Beckmann




Randy Asplund (I don’t like these)

I’ve been thinking about the incredible amount of images of the female nude in art, and in any medium really, but I’m most interested in paintings or prints. Obviously, people have thought a lot about this before, but I can’t help being surprised when I think about it. I hadn’t taken any art history classes before college, but still understood that this was “the thing”.

I hadn’t thought about it so much before, but any work that I make has been influenced strongly by every single thing that came before it. I am curious as to why the female nude is one of those concepts I’m still drawn to, even though it may only be because everyone else was drawn to it before I was. I like to incorporate conventions and tropes in a slightly more conscious way in my drawings, but to try sometimes to turn them around. I’m interested in finding different ways to think about our cultural obsession with this kind of imagery, and to somehow illustrate that. Not sure if this makes sense. . .  Also thinking about gender politics, and the way that this accumulation of female forms effects any woman in particular, or women in general, and the way they view their own bodies. And that’s not to say that this is a negative thing.

Also, I like the last three images by this Randy Asplund guy. I think they’re really creepy and awkward, probably moreso because I don’t think they were meant to be.


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