Daniel Johnston

One of my all time favorite musicians. I never liked him that much, but then my older brother got me starting to listen to his music, and I went with him to  see him live in Providence. It was a pretty unremarkable show, at least at the time, but in retrospect this is who Daniel Johnston is as an artist, and I think that word really applies to him as a musician as well. His songs are direct and awkward and really beautiful to me, and sort of everything that I love the most, interestingly enough in both music and art. I know I’ve been trying to find ways of thinking about music and art and the way they interact with eachother lately, and Daniel Johnston is one person I can think of who sort of makes that distinction not matter, and makes me wonder why it has to in the first place. I know that there have been a lot of people talking about that connection before, and it’s been important to a lot of art movements in the past, this weird understanding between music and art, and I think that’s fascinating. I also think about writing, since my parents are both writers and they always wanted me to be, and writing is very important to me as well, as a way of laying everything out that confuses me. I think of that too about song-writing, because it’s a version of poetry, and all of these things sort of combine to me. I’m not sure what to do with all of the corrolations, but I think as long as I’m doing all of these things, that’s good for me. Here are some of Daniel Johnston’s weird drawings, which are great! Also a couple songs:


Really weird stuff.





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